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Most of us know standard cleaning products contain harsh chemicals, like bleach. But those chemicals are what keep us germ and grime-free, right? Natural cleaning products might not have the same caustic materials, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less effective. In fact, many green products are more effective than other products on the market.


Non-natural cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that can cause all types of problems, from triggering asthma attacks to damaging your lungs, throat, nose, and eyes. Breathing in harsh chemicals from standard cleaning products can cause real long-term health problems as well. Additionally, young children are always at risk of getting into cleaning supplies. Green products present a much lower risk. Mixing bleach and ammonia creates chloramine gas, which causes potentially toxic fumes. Bleach and ammonia also happen to be common chemicals in cleaning supplies. If you’re using natural cleaning products, you won’t have to worry so much about accidentally creating a harmful gas while scrubbing your bathtub or cleaning out the kitchen sink.



Natural cleaning products tend to be eco-friendly. Their packaging is often made sustainably from recycled materials and isn’t tested on animals. Additionally, they don’t contain the harsh chemicals that can get into the water system. Green cleaners are better for environmental health and the health of your family. Standard cleaning products also contain harsh ingredients meant to disinfect, clean up gunk, and leave behind a pleasant smell. But those ingredients can often be corrosive and damaging, which wears down surfaces, including floors, countertops, appliances, and children’s toys.



Staining fabrics or stripping varnish are real concerns when using a mixture of harsh cleaning materials. If you’re not using natural cleaning products, your chances of damaging something beyond repair – whether it’s your new cloth couch or a family heirloom dining table – are much higher. Additionally, natural cleaners are typically made with ingredients that won’t cause skin irritation. No bleach, dyes, perfumes, or synthetic ingredients that can react negatively with your skin. If you or anyone in your family has sensitive skin, natural cleaners can help reduce flare-ups. Wearing gloves when using other cleaning products can help, but not always.


Whether you purchase certified natural cleaning products or make your own at home, rest assured you’re making the safest choice for yourself and the environment. And the HYLA EST is the perfect partner to natural cleaning, because it’s powered by water! When you clean with the HYLA, the air with dust particles enters the HYLA water pan through the inlet tube, creating an upward stream of water – the HYLA Geyser. This effect ensures optimal conditions for filtration by creating a mixture of droplets and dust particles, while the NEW HYLA DEFENDER blades cut larger water droplets into microdroplets and disperse them at high speed. The HYLA EST is extremely capable of reducing and eliminating pollutants within the air in your home, increasing your indoor air quality while reducing need for harsh chemicals.


Not convinced? Hear from some of our awesome customers!
Such a smart, efficient way to combine functions of air quality and vacuuming. Indoor air pollution 2-5 times worse than outdoors was revealing! – B.H.

We have been enjoying the air purification and reduced dog hair in our home. Thank you I will probably have the cleanest house in the neighborhood now! -G.G.

I couldn’t believe what came out of my carpet after vacuuming my carpet with the HYLA. HYLA rocks! – D.C.

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